"I wonder what's at the end of the rainbow..."

03rd December 2017
"I wonder what's at the end of the rainbow," one of my children asked as we stared out the window on a late June evening at a double rainbow that had formed.

One of the joys of being a father is to be open to seeing things through a child's eyes. It is to be open to wonder again. To not be limited by routine, convenience, and cynicism.

Double rainbow:

I wonder too, I thought. It's just about sunset and these thunderstorms just rolled through. What if I get in my car and find out? But shouldn't I stay at home and follow the routine of getting my 3 young children to bed?

The pull of the practical was strong, but with my child's eyes I decided to follow my wonder instead and found:

ponds lit with gold,

and tractors with rainbows shooting out of them with sunset lighting. The odds of everything lining up like this were rare indeed!

Sometimes I actually saw lightning bolts underneath the rainbow but wasn't lucky enough to capture it on film (or brave enough to continue standing in an area open fields). I also found a rainbow over cows in a perfectly picturesque field but couldn't find a safe place to stop my car to take those shots.

I saw so much that night and never left my town. And it was because myself to wonder and possibilies again.

It boggles my mind to think of all the simultaneous irrepeatable moments of beauty occurring around the world at any given time. It leads to me to wonder... about the Creator of it all.

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