My galleries include some of my best work and some images to demonstrate the different kinds of shots I have in my offline archives. At this point, putting all potentially useful shots in my galleries would make this website too cluttered. That said, I have been hiking and photographing for a long time and more images will be added as I continue go through my archives and of course, continue to shoot more. Check back often! In the meantime check my hiking resume to get a sense of the locations from which I may have images in my offline archives. Contact me if you are looking for something in particular!
(Contains 28 photos)
Utah Spring 2015 portfolio
(Contains 22 photos)
Arizona Spring 2015 portfolio
(Contains 29 photos)
White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire portfolio
(Contains 23 photos)
Lakes Region & Southern New Hampshire portfolio
(Contains 18 photos)
Vermont & Long Trail portfolio
(Contains 20 photos)
Maine portfolio
(Contains 14 photos)
Wildlife portfolio
(Contains 26 photos)
Fall Foliage Season Transitions portfolio
(Contains 35 photos)
Winter portfolio
(Contains 33 photos)
White Mountain National Forest New Hampshire portfolio